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Pitchaikkaran Audio Launch Report & HQ Photos


An ‘audio launch’ is rarely about the audio. It’s an excuse to have a promotional event around a film. Sure, the ‘man of the day’ on stage is the (usually male) music director. But then another 25 people clamber on stage, and the focus moves to how great the film is. How thankful everyone is. It was the same story at the Pitchaikaaran audio launch. There were more than twenty-five guests on stage, and they had little to say about the audio. There was a lot of praise for lead actor and music director Vijay Antony. But what we heard the most were jokes about how this Pitchaikkaran (Beggar) would make the producers and distributors a Panakkaran (Rich Man).

With so many people on stage, host RJ Ophelia was naturally concerned about everyone getting a chance to speak. She said lyrics may be like free-flowing water, and hard to stop, but their speeches shouldn’t cross 22 lines. Unsurprisingly, the speeches were exactly like free-flowing water.

Vijay Antony said Pichai (alms) shouldn’t be seen in a derogatory way. The theme of the film, he said, was how “we all survive because of someone’s alms”. Chief guest AR Murugadoss was welcomed on the dais with loud applause and shouts of ‘Kaththi-2’ and ‘Thuppaki-2’ from fans. He expressed his gratitude to director Sasi, who had supported him during his early days in the industry. Then came the pun. “I was a ‘Pitchaikkaran’ then,” he said. “I was apprehensive about the title, but I guess it will strike a chord with the audience. Even K Balachander started off with a film titled ‘Neerkumizhi’ (Bubble). It is something that bursts at the slightest touch. But it paved the way for the director to become one of the country’s finest,” he added.

An emotional Sasi thanked everyone who had helped. Although he had been apprehensive about inviting AR Murugadoss to the event, Sasi worked up the courage to make the phone call. And Murugadoss readily agreed. Sasi had begun with effusive thanks, but later retracted, saying he didn’t need to thank his own friend.