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Pokkiri Raja Single Track Launch Report & Photos


The producer of Pokkiri Raja, PT Selvakumar kicked off the ‘Single Track’ launch of the film on an emotional note. With the Puli release issue still fresh in everyone’s mind, he thanked the people who had helped him weather the crisis. Actors, Jiiva, Hansika Motwani and Sibiraj were all present at the event, with photographers hovering around them. The single track ‘Athuvutta Athuvutta’ is about a timeless theme in Tamil cinema: ‘love failure’. Shaping up as Imman’s debut ‘rock’ song, the track has him singing in a hoarse voice, along the lines of Vishal Dadlani. The anchor even joked that it sounded like Motta Rajendran.

Jiiva clearly wanted to say many positive things about the film, but kept interrupting himself, in his anxiety to not let slip any plot details. He said the film would have elements of action, comedy and fantasy. And it would surprise audiences. “I was in a bad mood on the day I was supposed to listen to the story. But when Ramprakash Rayappa narrated the opening scene to me, I began to laugh,” he added.

Sibiraj and Imman reminisced over their schooldays, and how they would skip classes in the name of school culturals. Describing the album contents, Imman said one song is dedicated to all the actors in the film. Another is dedicated to Hansika, with the lyrics ‘Bubbly Bubbly’. If only Hansika had a dollar for every time she was called that!

The last speaker during most movie promotions is usually the hero. But here, it was T Rajendar. All around, people began pulling out phones, to record what he would say in the wake of the Puli launch issue.

T Rajendar said he had little to say, and in fact, had decided to avoid public speeches post the Puli audio launch, as people had mocked for it. He said that he had come to the event because of his friendship with PT Selvakumar. “I wondered why I was built up so much, and was asked to give the final speech. But now I realise PT Selvakumar’s intentions. You want me to speak and you will sensationalise it,” he said jovially.

Jiiva had earlier said that even though he lives on the same street as T Rajendar, they have never met. T Rajendar responded with a trademark rhyme, “Naan Vendam nu sonnena? Nee thirumbala, enna virumbala, adhanala unkitta naan vandhu varthaiya arumbala. (Did I say no? You didn’t look at me, you didn’t like me. Which is why I didn’t come and give you my words.)” The audience laughed and cheered.

From saying ‘vanakkam’ to everyone halfway through his speech, to talking about the importance of tyres, T Rajendar spoke about completely unrelated things. But, somehow, managed to steal the thunder once again.