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Two Stars And Many Witty Tales: Adhyan Audio Launch Report And Photos


Reporting by Janani K; Photos by Dani Charles. Photos from the audio launch are below the report.

I am told that veteran actors Sathyaraj and Nasser, who happen to be two of my most favourite artistes, are the guests of honour at Adhyan audio launch. Naturally, I am on cloud nine. An hour later, Sathyaraj, dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, enters the hall, along with son Sibiraj. However, actor Nasser is no where to be seen.

The launch event begins, and as usual, the trailer and a song from the movie are screened for the audience. From the trailer, I fathom that Adhyan is a crime-thriller, with some excellent cinematography and music. Hari G Rajasekar’s tunes sound quite interesting, and I notice that the song ‘Anbe’ is similar to ‘Naan Nee Naam Vaazhave‘ from Madras.

Apparently, the unique friendship of director Sundarrajan and Sathyaraj go back to the Thirumathi Palanichamy days. Sundarrajan, while referring to his friendship with Sathyaraj, says, “Kaalathin Kodumai Naa Sathyaraj ah meet pannadhu.” And the director begins to narrate his side of story, “I made a movie called Thirumathi Palanichamy with Sathyaraj. After that film, I made another movie, with a monkey in the lead, and wrapped it up in around 35 days. And one day, Sathyaraj asked me how I could finish the monkey movie in 35 days while I took 45 days to wrap up his film. I replied it became possible because the monkey would listen to me, unlike you who just wouldn’t.” Sundarrajan adds, “Sathyaraj is an actor to whom you could talk about anything and everything,  and he would give a witty reply. I am proud that he has always stood up for Tamil language and culture”.

Again, I look around, hoping to spot Nasser. But no, he isn’t there.

Adhyan is director Ram Manoj Kumar’s debut film. Actor Abhimanyu Nallamuthu, who plays the lead role in Adhyan, begins his speech and one cannot help notice his adorable Coimbatore lilt. Actor Sibiraj, in his speech, mentions that Abhimanyu is a person who loves chattering.

Finally, Sathyaraj addresses the gathering. ” Nallamuthu and me used to go for hunting back in our youth. Thank god, there were no strict rules during that time. If there were, we would have ended up in jail, like Salman Khan”, he begins his witty speech. “Back in those days, when my photo was displayed in Nadigan, actor Sivaji complimented my looks and added “Nee kooda konjam azhaga iruka da ippo”. 

Sathyaraj also makes a confession. “Everyone would advice you to be confident in life. But I am a person who is a little pessimistic about things. If anyone comes to me, seeking advice regarding entering the cine industry, I would scare them away. Once, I asked Abhimanyu not to leave his day job to take up acting”.

The event concludes and immediately, photographers start their job. The cast and crew pose patiently for the cameras, and we, reporters, prepare to leave the hall for lunch. And that’s when Nasser makes his entry. Like a star. Apparently, he is having a busy day, thanks to Nadigar Sangam Elections, in which he is contesting as a candidate of Pandavar Ani. Star-struck and happy, I leave the venue.