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Uppu Karuvadu Press Meet Photos & Report


Radha Mohan’s films are known for being feel good stories with happy, heart-warming endings. The press meet of his movie Uppu Karuvadu began with a trailer and two songs. Packed with slapstick wannabe-comedy, the trailer was a little disappointing.

Actor Narayan, who has acted in most of Radha Mohan’s films, said he was grateful to have Radha Mohan as his mentor. Chams spoke about how Payanam was a breakthrough film for him. He praised Radha Mohan’s acting abilities and his sense of humour. In fact, Chams said that if Radha Mohan ever decided to become an actor, Chams and others like him would have pack their bags and leave town. He also had a request for Radha Mohan, that when he starts the ‘Pillaiyar Suzhi’ for his next film, he should write down Chams’ name next.

Mahesh, from Auraa cinemas, the film’s distributors, talked about a certain movie theatre owner tweeting that he couldn’t screen Uppu Karuvaadu because too many other films were releasing that week. Mahesh said that he would talk to the theatre owner, because he was certain that Uppu Karuvaadu would be a success. MS Bhashkar added, “Him choosing not to screen a good film is as clever as an ill man choosing not to have his medicines.”

Actor Karunakaran said he was in awe of Radha Mohan’s patience, and was amazed at how clam he was in all situations. “Once, due to an eye infection I had, an entire day’s shooting had to be cancelled. But he kept his cool, and let me rest. I asked him, ‘Don’t you ever get angry?’ and he said there was nothing to be gained from anger.”

A comic moment arrived when actress Nandita asked Radha Mohan why he chose her for the role. Radha Mohan said, “Before my wedding, I was once asked by a pastor why I chose her (my wife). I replied, ‘Vera Yaarum Kedakala, Father.’ (‘I could not find anyone else, Father.’) I guess the same answer could apply here.” The audience, of course, burst out laughing.