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Prem Kumar’s Debut Webseries ‘Alarm’ Releases Today

Season 1 of Alarm, a Zee Tamil original web series starring actor Prem Kumar has just released on Zee5 website. Written and directed by Kaushik, and produced by YuppTV for Zee5, Alarm stars Prem Kumar along with Girija, Anjali Rao, Subadhra and others.


Prem Kumar began his career in the industry as a participant in TV show Jodi No.1, and went on to play a supporting role in many films, most famously as Simon in Vikram Vedha. He was also cast along with Yogi Babu and Varalakshmi Sarathkumar in Vijay’s Sarkar, and is currently working on the sets of Suriya’s upcoming movie by director KV Anand.

The makers of Alarm released a teaser earlier this week: a one-minute video with many things happening. For a good 10 seconds, cop Prem Kumar gets out of his jeep and pulls a gun. Then there’s an abduction, some chasing, racing, tracking people, shooting them down, and a man and woman – dressed in reds and beaded chains, who are up to something. Something with a chain clock, which a samiyar will soon throw in to a fire. The whole time, the same clock is ticking behind Prem Kumar, the cop who is central to the action, and is also simply watching it all just pass by.

Then the trailer released the next day to reveal more about the story itself. A woman travelling late at night is abducted, and taken to a prostitution ring. Her mother, dressed in red and beaded chain, threatens to curse the cops if her daughter doesn’t return in 12 hours. Meanwhile, the cop Prem Kumar is attacked and falls, just like she’d cursed.

The synopsis of the series reads, “A cop has 12 hours to save a kidnapped girl. The search leads to a massive crackdown on a prostitution ring in Chennai.” What we can hope is the series sticks to this, throws light on abduction and prostitution, and does not become about the cop.

Watch the teaser here:

Here’s the trailer:


Image courtesy: Scroll.in