Aranmanai 2 Trailer & Review


Take any director Sundar C film, and its guaranteed to produce laughter. Even when the theme is horror, the screenplay will have plenty of comic elements. So much so, that the comedy scenes will be more memorable than the ghostly encounters. Aranmanai, a horror comedy starring Hansika, Vinay Rai, Raai Laxmi, Andreah, Nithin Satya, and Sundar C himself, had been one of . Now, Sundar C is back with its sequel, Aranmanai 2 with established actors Trisha, Siddharth along with the Aranmanai cast in significant roles.

A couple of months back, a single track titled ‘Party with the Pei’, composed by Hip Hop Adhi was released. The song had Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika and Poonam Bajwa grooving to its ‘swag’. Trisha and Hansika sported fangs, and did a fair imitation of vampires. The trailer of Aranmanai 2 is no different. It begins with a statement, “It’s back with more power”. Meanwhile, a ghost walks past a rather timid Trisha several times.

Hansika plays a ghost, who wanders around a lavishly decorated house. Dressed in a sari with her hair billowing around. Everybody in the house has at least one ghostly encounter. A ghost rider says, “Maya has infiltrated someone in the house.” The story is simple. Find out Maya’s intentions, shoo her away, and protect Siddharth and the child from the ghost.