Aval Teaser Out: This Siddharth, Andrea Flick Promises A Lot Of Thrill


The teaser of Aval, starring Siddharth and Andrea, features everything that horror films generally have – an eerie house, a paranormal investigator, lonely nights, possessed girl, scary events. The teaser creates the mood but we get only a glimpse of the lead actors – Sidddharth and Andrea.

The teaser, which begins and ends with a ticking sound, promises a thrilling ride. While the paranormal investigator says, “Jeny, just focus on the darkness. Don’t you want to stay in this house?”, story probably revolves around a haunted house and a possessed girl.

Aval, which is being made in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, is scheduled to hit the screens this November. The film has been in the making for more than a year now.

In Hindi: The House Next Door