Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge Teaser Starring Napoleon


Directed & Produced By: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Executive Produced By: Tel K. Ganesan & G.B. Thimotheose
Co-Produced By: Jesse Dean Crawfis
Original Music By: Swifty McVay & James Stonehouse
Original Screenplay By: Aaron Herman Russman
Cinematography & Editorial By: Istvan Lettang

Starring and ensemble cast lead by Jesi Jensen, Nathan Kane Mathers, Bobby Laenen, Grover McCants, Sam Logan Khaleghi, Andrew Dawe Collins, Ammar Nemo, Keyna Reynolds, Dennis Marin, John C. Foreman, Judy Stepanian with Jerry Narsh, Nepoleon Duraisamy and Swifty McVay.