Karaiyoram Trailer


In the opening shot of the trailer, Simran stops someone from hitting her with a glass bottle, we then see some heroic shots established for her, in slow motion. The film, going by the text graphics shown in between the shots shows us that the film is about two best friends, played by Nikesha Patel and Ineya and what happenes when they come ‘face to face with themselves’ (Themselves is a single word by the way)

We are shown shots of the supporting cast – Radha Ravi, Manobala (flaunting his ‘you’re worth it’ hair). The single word text graphics also say – “You will be replaced”. We then see a bungalow, shown in imposing angles with sounds of crickets and bats.

Simran finally gets to smash that bottle on the guy’s head. We then witness shots which do not last for a fraction of second, and we are left with a epileptic effect. While the plot of the film are something we are unsure of, Karaiyoram releases next week.