Pokkiri Raja Teaser & Review


Following the positive reviews for Tamilukku En Ondrai Aluthavum, much hype has surrounded director Ramprakash Rayappa’s next film Pokkiri Raja. Pokkiri Raja stars Jiiva, Sibiraj and Hansika.

The teaser begins with playful whistling. Hansika appears in a pink blouse and skirt, while Jiiva sports a white shirt. Hansika asks Jiiva whether she is a good girl or not, and then smokes and drinks. Both the director and Hansika seem to have decided on portraying her in a ‘modern’ light, in contrast to her previous roles as a bubbly individual. Just as Pokkiri Raja seems to be shaping up as an urban romantic story, Sibiraj appears, clad in a dhoti as a gangster. Men fly around as Sibiraj kicks and punches. Blows are exchanged. Jiiva’s quirky face shows up again. Suggestive of an action romance, the teaser cuts to Jiiva and Sibiraj laughing with the villains. Meanwhile, the whistling continues. Pokkiri Raja seems to defy genre classification.

Produced by PTS Films International, Pokkiri Raja’s supporting cast includes Ramdoss, Manobala, Mayilsamy and Yogi Babu. The technical team comprises of music director D Imman, cinematographer Anji and editor VJ Sabu Joseph.