The Mosakutty Report : What’s In A Name?

Silverscreen goes to the Mosakutty Audio Launch

Everybody wanted to know what mosakutty meant at the film’s audio launch. A term of endearment perhaps? Or maybe the life and times of the man, Mosa Kutty, from the neighbouring state of Kerala? Trying to guess the meaning behind the title was not as fun as we originally assumed and at the end of it all, we were still as clueless as everybody else. Till someone used the magic wand that was Google and waved all our confusion away. So, mosakutty = bunny. A very awwwesome title when you think about it. But not the case when we finally take a look at the film’s poster- a menacing, bearded man stares back at us, not quite what we envision when we think of rabbits. Director Seeman had the same doubt as well. “Mosakutty nu en peru vecheenga?” he thundered from the stage. “Veera looks so different and even the tone of the film suggests that this is not a soft story. But, I have full hope that the director chose the title because it was relevant.”

Actor Veera, minus the beard, went onstage to clarify. He plays a rough and tough guy in the movie who’s a big softie at heart. Hence, the title. He debuts in this film and got the most unorthodox career advice ever. Actor Sivakarthikeyan, one of the special guests at the event, wished Veera on his debut and said, “I know you can become successful, but I hope and pray that you become successful with the ladies too. Neraiya kisukisu varanum!”  with a cheeky grin, to which the audience laughed. Albeit a little politely.

Music composer Ramesh Vinayagam was his usual charming self. He has given a very folksy soundtrack – catchy and easy on the ears. He claimed that the Tamil film industry was his ‘first love’ and that’s why he kept coming back to compose here. “I have always had gaps between movies. My songs for Telugu films are popular and I have a good career there but my heart is always here.”  Fellow music composer D Imman praised Ramesh’s rustic tunes and declared that the soundtrack will become as popular as his Mynaa. 


Bharathiraja kept away from the stage for the longest time but gave in after repeated requests from the Mosakutty team. He said that he was awed by the young filmmakers of today. “These young guys come to Chennai with so many hopes and dreams. Some even know the reality of it all, but they still end up here. The passion and intensity of these people inspires me. They make me feel my age though,” He also revealed his biggest fear. While Seeman and others of his age call Bharathiraja ‘appa‘, the director said that  he fears the day when these ‘kutty pasanga‘ directors would call him ‘thatha‘. “I wish and pray fervently that the day never comes,” he declared. He also promised that he would start making more movies from this year – “three films in the next two years, I guarantee that much.”

Mosakutty has Veera and Mahima Nambiar in the lead and is produced by Shalom Studios.