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7 Things We Heard at the Romeo Juliet Press Meet

Romeo Juliet explores romantic relationships in the 21st century. It has a peppy soundtrack, some racy camerawork and marks the return of Poonam Bajwa to Tamil cinema. Director Lakshman told us some interesting information about the movie in a recent interaction. Highlights:


1. Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani play a new age couple – Karthik and Aishwarya in the film. Jayam Ravi is a ‘six pack specialist’ while Hansika plays an air hostess, similar to Oru Kal Oru Kannadi.

2. Lakshman is not new to the industry. He was the guy who bankrolled the SJ Suryah – Nayanthara starrer Kalvanin Kadhali, and has been in the business for over a decade.

3. This film will mark a turning point in Poonam Bajwa’s career, according to…everyone present.

4. It will be a milestone of sorts for Hansika, too. Jayam Ravi told us that Tamil cinema has only seen Hansika’s beauty and not her talent. “She will look good and act good in this movie.”

5. Lakshman’s team of assistant directors had a tough time interacting with Jayam Ravi on the film’s sets. Said the actor, “They were scared of me and didn’t approach me even when a shot was bad. It went on like that till I told them about my time as an AD,and to never ever fear approaching me. Now we’re all good friends.”


6. Romeo Juliet gave D Imman a big break. But, not in the way you think. “I got so used to seeing coconut trees and mountains after back to back village films. So working on Lakshman’s film was like a vacation. After a long time I saw a lot of high-rise buildings and super cars,” he joked.

7. Nobody dies in the film. Even though it takes its name from the Shakespearean play of the same name, the ending is devoid of any tragedy.