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In Theatres This Friday: Shakespeare Vs Santhanam

Santhanam in Inimey Ippadithan Movie Stills
Santhanam in Inimey Ippadithan Movie Stills

This weekend is all about Santhanam. He’s the protagonist, he’s the producer, he’s the co-director and he’s the only one who can win a dialogue war with VTV Ganesh. But what’s more, in Inimey Ippadithaan, he is caught between two women (Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore). If anyone can talk his way out of this tricky situation, it’s Santhanam. So you can expect a lot of his usual punch lines, spontaneous comebacks and quirky sense of dressing. Hopefully we’ll get all this, minus his infamous digs at women.

This is Ashna Zaveri’s second film with Santhanam and she claims working with him has been a comfortable and enjoyable experience this time as well. Akhila Kishore, on the other hand, is tight-lipped about her role in the film, but we have come to expect a lot from her post her bold performance in KTVI.

The director duo – Premanand and Murugan – has long been a part of Santhanam’s inner circle. The three have been working together since their Lollu Sabha days and according to Santhanam, working with them is like going home. This duo has contributed a lot to Santhanam’s punch lines.

We hope to see more of: Akhila Kishore, witty comebacks and a lot more lollu.

We hope to see less of: Santhanam in medieval robes, VTV Ganesh dating multiple women and infamous digs at women.


Hansika-Motwani-and-Jayam-Ravi-in-Romeo-Juliet-Movie-StillsOnly the name is taken from the Shakespearean play, the Romeo Juliet team reassured everybody. Unlike the original, this one doesn’t end in tragedy. Unlike the original, this one is less dramatic. Or so they thought until TR Rajendran sent the director a legal notice for defaming him in their title song, Dandanakka.

So all drama and comparisons aside, Jayam Ravi plays Karthik, a fitness trainer to celebrities in the film (cue in many star cameos) while Hansika plays Aishwarya, an air hostess.

From the trailer, it is clear that Hansika calls the shots in their relationship; but what is unclear is why she relies on him to sponsor her shopping sprees all the time. Poonam Bajwa, on the other hand, is an integral part of the film apparently; this role might be a turning point in her career, they say.

We hope to see more of: Jayam Ravi taking himself a little lightly, a more rebellious side to Hansika and a realistic take on modern romances.

We hope to see less of: Unrealistic notions of being new age and modern, needless vulgarity and irrelevant glamour.


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