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In Theatres This Friday: Nithya Menen Vs Nithya Menen


Oh Kadhal Kanmani Movie StillsFifteen years after Alaipayuthey’s release (and two years after the much reviled Kadal), we get to see Mani Ratnam returning to what he does best – urban love story with a precocious (and extremely photogenic) lead pair. And AR Rahman, of course. Oh Kadhal Kanmani has Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menen in the lead roles, and has evoked a lot of interest, due in part to its very savvy social media strategy.

The film will deliver a cultural shock to society, says its lyricist Vairamuthu, as it depicts new age relationships. Interestingly, the film’s trailer has several well-placed hints as to the nature of this particular shock – something to do with commitment phobic couples and live-in relationships. A lot has been said about its surface resemblance to Alaipayuthey, while some even suggest that this movie is a new age re-telling of that tale.

PC Sreeram has handled the cinematography duties for this one, and as always, much is expected of his work. Especially when you consider the fact that the last time the duo joined hands, Alaipayuthey happened.

What it has:

1. Photogenic leads with a very well developed sense of fashion.

2. Awesome locales.

3. A song for every type of manasu out there, mental or not.

4. VJ Ramya

What it doesn’t have:

1. Sarath Kumar in drag.

2. Ghosts. Or humans inhabited by ghosts.

3. Kovai Sarala. A reliable source informs us that there’s no Kovai Sarala in this one.



Raghava-Lawrence-Stills-From-Kanchana-2-Movie-3Kaanchana 2, on the other hand, is a continuation of what Ragava Lawrence does best – a heavy dose of horror, with a surprisingly effective comic track. Thus far, at least. This is of course the second title for this film. It was originally called Muni 3: Ganga, but for reasons known only to Ragava Lawrence, it was re-christened Kaanchana 2. While there’s no evidence of Sarath Kumar in this film (or his drag version), we will get to see Ragava Lawrence at his horrific best – he plays six different characters in this one.

There’s Taapsee Pannu as well as Nithya Menen in a special appearance, which we all know is code for an important role in a flashback sequence. Leading us to believe that this Friday, it’s really a Nithya Vs Nithya kind of situation. Or maybe a VJ Ramya versus VJ Pooja situation. Either way, this weekend promises to be a really interesting one. Especially for the ones who had to see Bhagyaraj romancing a mundu clad Swetha Menon in theatres last week.

What it has:

1. Ghosts, humans inhabited by ghosts and humane ghosts.

2. Ragava Lawrence in drag.

3. Taapsee on screen after a long time.

4. VJ Pooja

What it doesn’t have:

1. Sarath Kumar

2. VJ Ramya

3. A commitment phobic male lead.


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