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Actors Navya Nair & Jayaram Condemn Dileep’s Actions

Many actors from the Malayalam film industry have condemned Dileep for his role in the abduction and assault of a Malayalam actress. 

Navya Nair, a former co-star of Dileep, took to social media to post a heartfelt note about the case.

In the note, Nair said that she was stunned at the actions of a person she closely worked with. “I may not be the only one to think so. Everyone in the film industry has been pained by this. The unacceptable actions by an actor I have worked with in many movies have shattered me. Most of them didn’t react as they didn’t want to defame someone based on doubts. But now, as a clear picture of the conspiracy has emerged, I feel it’s not right to remain silent. The heinous act of my colleague is totally unacceptable, for whatever reasons it may be. He shouldn’t have even thought about it. All culprits should be brought to book, and no innocent should suffer,” Navya posted on her social media page.


Navya also said that she was proud of the actress who decided to boldly pursue the case. “If you had remained silent, the truth would have been under the wraps,” she wrote.

Jayaram, a close associate of Dileep, said:


“Compared to all other actors in Malayalam, I think I was the one who was close to Dileep. 33 years ago, in front of Kalabhavan in Kochi, he introduced himself as Gopalakrishnan, and said he was a big fan of me. Since then, I have seen his growth, and this new development has deeply hurt me,” Jayaram told reporters.

Meanwhile, Asif Ali, an actor known to be close to the victim, has vowed to never act with Dileep again. Fans of Dileep, however, have said that the actor was framed by people who do not like him and that it is a conspiracy.