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Bollywood Lavishes Praise On Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone on Condom ads

Actress Sunny Leone, whose adult-comedy Mastizaade is releasing this week, appeared in an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey on CNN IBN channel on Sunday. The questions posted by the interviewer were outright misogynistic, derogatory and arrogant, but the actress faced it all gracefully.

Chaubey’s questions were dismissive and judgemental of Leone’s previous career as an adult film star, and at one point he even went on to say,”I am wondering whether I am being morally corrupted because I am speaking to you”. Sunny Leone was neither shaken nor outraged by the questions, and instead, she answered them without losing her cool. Post the interview, Sunny Leone ruled Twitter. She was hailed by Twitterati, and was lavishly praised by her colleagues in Bollywood. Later on Monday, Chaubey wrote an open letter on IBN Live explaining why his questions weren’t misogynistic.