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Dhanajayan Calls 90ML Vulgar, Says Anita Udeep Is Irresponsible


The writer and director of 90 ML, Anita Udeep, was recently pulled into a controversy by producer Dhananjayan who criticised her for making an ‘irresponsible’ film that was ‘detrimental to society’. He accused her of “spreading venom among youngsters to make money,” and this lead to a long argument between the two of them, and other critics and commentators.

The producer, who bankrolled films like Mr Chandramouli and Kaatrin Mozhi, is one of the many people criticising 90 ML of being vulgar since its trailer released. It showed Oviya, Anson Paul, Monisha Ram and other women drinking, partying and having fun.

Director Anita Udeep hit back at him yesterday saying, “Dear uncle Dhananjayan I have not made a socially relevant film like Chandramouli with gilma songs. 90ML is an adult film and yes it’s shamelessly entertaining!! I have not talked about shit like you have in Settai! Have talked about shit women go through in life.”


Producer Dhananjayan first defended his films saying they didn’t degrade women the way 90 ML did, and didn’t have vulgar scenes and dialogues. When Anita Udeep responded with a still from Mr Chandramouli that she said disrespected women, Dhananjayan replied that it was an ‘aesthetic shot’ which was the director’s choice and not his.

Soon after this, many people called Dhanajanyan out of having defended the films he was associated with in the past, just because men were featured in a similar role and that was seen as acceptable.

Others pointed out that films like Settai objectified women and wasn’t considered disrespectful.



The Oviya starrer released yesterday to mixed response from people. Reviews like the one Dhananjayan shared by psychologist Abhilasha say that the film will have a bad impact on youngsters because the heroines ‘drink, smoke, do ganja and all immoral activities’. Many Tamil culture saviours on social media were also up in arms.

When the film’s trailer released, Anita Udeep had said it promises to be bold and entertaining film. Oviya too had responded to the controversy saying, “If you don’t have confidence in your culture, or if you are a male chauvinist, please don’t watch 90ML.


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