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‘Don’t Breathe’ Actor Stephen Lang: Hollywood Is More Open To Ageing Actors Now

Stephen Lang believes that Hollywood is more open to writing good roles for senior actors now. The 65-year-old actor, known for his performances in Avatar, Dont Breathe, said:


“Personally, I feel that there are some wonderful parts out there for seniors. It is a good thing because the more senior you get, ideally speaking, the finer you become as a craftsman. So, hopefully they continue to write roles for us and hopefully I will continue to get some of them.”

“Many actors who I consider to be great artists are not kids. They are seniors. There are some fine roles out there. The whole paradigm is changing and there is room for everything. (In addition) there are so many platforms for viewing as well; so there is really room for everything,” Lang told IANS over phone from New York.

Lang has famously played ‘twisted’ characters onscreen. When asked what attracts him to such roles, Lang said:

“I don’t know what attracts me to these kind of roles. To me, the role is different and I (will do) if they are being offered to me, they are unique, and they have a point of view that I think is good. I guess one of the things that I felt about the blind man in Don’t Breathe, and I know I have said this about other characters that I have played over the years, there is a common thread, which is if I don’t love them no one will.”

For Lang, loving the character, despite its flaws, works.


“If I love them enough, other people will kind of understand what it is about them (that attracts me) and they will like the character… It is concerning to people because they are so damaged, there is so much that is wrong with them… I do believe that part appeals to (the audience). It is really an interesting experience when you know in your head that this guy is off the charts but your heart still goes out to them.”

At present, the actor is working on Mortal Engines, being produced by Peter Jackson and helmed by Christian Rivers. But he is mum on how the project is turning out.

“It is another world… World of transition and adventure. It is a very difficult and fascinating character, which I am not at liberty to talk about… Then I will go back to work with Avatar,” he said.

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