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HipHop Tamizha Adhi Returns With An Independent Music Album ‘Naa Oru Alien’ After Eight Years

Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi At The ‘Naan Sirithal’ Success Meet

Hiphop Tamizha Adhi who shot to fame with his single ‘Club le Mabbu le’ in 2012 has reached great heights in his career as an actor, lyricist, composer, director, and singer. The star is known for his catchy lyrics and peppy tunes as well as his boy-next-door mien which has helped him attract several fans from India and abroad.

Adhi has completed three films as an actor, one as a director, and several films as lyricist, singer, and composer in the film industry. However, he started out in 2012 as an independent musician with Jeeva’s (his partner) and his 11-track hip-hop album Hip Hop Tamizhan, the first Tamil hip-hop album from India. The album released by Think Music India went on to become a huge success, especially down South with people associating the word hip-hop to the star rather than looking at it as a musical genre.

The composer is now back, eight years later, with a new album titled ‘Naa Oru Alien’ comprising six tracks. Associating with Think Music India once again, the album will be available for fans and audiences on August 15th. The actor has revealed that the album will be a reflection of how the tables have turned due to the pandemic making things that were assumed to be significant, entirely insignificant and vice versa.

As a teaser, the team is releasing the first single ‘Net Ah Thorandha’ today, on August 6th. The actor revealed the title of the single through a YouTube live chat and also sung a few lines adding that it would talk about social media negativity. The tracklist of the album is yet to be revealed.

Adhi was last seen in the film space in Raana‘s Naan Sirithal as an actor, composer, and lyricist which hit screens for Valentine’s Day 2020. The film received mixed reviews and had an average collection at the box office. It dealt with a youngster named Gandhi who is affected by the Pseudobulbar affect. Iswarya Menon paired opposite the actor in the film.


In the YouTube live chat, the actor revealed that his next, fourth film, will be officially announced soon.

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During the country’s prolonged lockdown, which also included people being home quarantined, Adhi had released a single called ‘Quarantine & Chill’ with music and lyrics by himself. The lyric video of the same has garnered over 1.8 million views.