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Idiot: Tamil Horror-Comedy’s Trailer Released, Director Rambhala Says Film is About a Mentally Unstable Person in a Haunted Bungalow

Photo source: Official poster of 'Idiot'

The trailer of Idiot, the upcoming Tamil horror-comedy film starring Shiva and Nikki Galrani in the lead, released on social media on Sunday.

Written and directed by Rambhala, the film is produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment and executive produced by Siddharth Ravipati. Other cast members include Anandraj, Oorvasi, Akshara Gowda, Mayilsamy, Singamuthu, Ravi Mariya, Kingsly among others.

In a conversation with Silversceen India, Rambhala said, “Idiot is about what happens when a mentally unstable person goes to a haunted bungalow. We see the interactions between the ghost and the patient. Many times, human beings become mentally unstable due to certain circumstances. In every instance, some idiotic thing will keep happening and hence the title. There are many characters in the film and it shows what happens when they go to the haunted bungalow. There is no logic in the film but it is pure entertainment.”

Rambhala has previously directed the hit comedy TV series Lollu Sabha, starring actor-comedian Santhanam. The show that ran between 2004-2007, consisted of spoofs of Tamil films and shows. The filmmaker has also directed the 2016 Tamil horror comedy Dhilluku Dhuddu and its sequel in 2019.

Talking about his work in the horror-comedy genre, Rambhala said that Idiot will be his last film in this genre. “The genre is reaping profits and my previous film Dhilluku Dhuddu and its sequel have been commercial hit films. Producers expect me to do a horror-comedy and have approached me to make more  of such films. However, this will be my last horror-comedy. I do not want to be typecast,” he said.

Idiot will concentrate on the comedy aspect unlike other comedy-horror films that concentrate on the visual aspect of horror, he said.

“When writing comedy, you cannot think and write. It is all about timing and spontaneity and comes naturally. For Lollu Sabha, I understood my strengths and created them. It had parody, comedy and spoof elements,” he said.

The filmmaker said that the idea of making horror-comedy films occurred to him when he was working on Lollu Sabha.

“I had the idea of infusing ghosts in a comedy film. But I wanted to do it as a feature film and knew it wouldn’t work as a serial. Even Idiot stemmed from this same idea,” Rambhala said.

While the opening moments of Idiot’s trailer have spoof elements of Kamal Haasan’s upcoming film Vikram, the director clarified that the film does not have any recurring spoof elements.

He said that he narrated the script to the producers in July 2020. The shooting was held in November and December, 2020 in Tenkasi, Pollachi in Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry. The film is currently in the post-production stage.

“There are a few CGI and music works are going on, and the dubbing of one artist is pending,” he said.

According to Rambhala, the film is meant to be watched in theatres along with a crowd. He said that the makers were waiting for the current pandemic situation to ease out.

Idiot’s technical crew consists of Raja Bhattacharjee as the cinematographer, music by Vikram Selva and Videsh as the art director. While the editor is Madhavan, the costume designer is Abhinaya K.

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