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Madras High Court Wants Reply Petition From Rajinikanth


Yesterday, Justice Ravichandra Babu of the Madras High Court ordered actor Rajinikanth, along with director Kasthuri Raja, to file a reply petition in two weeks, in response to a petition filed by producer Mukund Bothra. Mukund Bothra had asked the Madras High Court to treat the case as a criminal offense. Rajinikanth had filed a reply petition two weeks ago stating that he was neither a guarantor nor a borrower in the case, and that the petition had been filed to spoil his image.

The case was initiated by Bothra in 2012. According to Bothra’s petition, Kasthuri Raja had borrowed Rs.65 lakh from him with the assurance that if he failed to repay the amount, his son’s father-in-law Rajinikanth would settle.