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Director Naveen Criticises RJ Balaji’s ‘LKG’

Director Naveen of Moodar Koodam fame, criticised a scene from RJ Balaji’s LKG recently. In the two weeks since its release, the film has received mixed reviews from people, with a few journalists saying that it portrays media persons in bad light.


Naveen was responding to RJ Balaji’s tweet of a scene in which Priya Anand asks him to pray to the photos of leaders like Periyar, Ambedkar and Abdul Kalam instead of gods. When Balaji says that he is a god believer, Priya asks him to keep those beliefs within his home worship leaders outside. She tells him this is the rational thing to do.

Director Naveen shared the video and said, “Wishes for the success of LKG, brother RJ Balaji. But being one kind of person inside a home and someone else outside is not Tamil Nadu’s rationalism. Despite having many theists in our land, not letting their beliefs affect us is what is rational. 95% of Periyar’s supporters are not atheists.”

RJ Balaji is yet to respond to this.

After the film’s release, journalists in Chennai condemned the actor for portraying them in a wrong manner. This led the actor to block a few of them who questioned him.

A two minute long sneak peak from the film showed that media could twist things to any extent if they wanted to sensationalize news. Priya tells Balaji that if the media wished, they could even make Trump a Tamil person and say Thiruvalluvar belonged to Taliban.

The actor has been unreachable to comment on the responses.

About the portrayal of journalists, a Chennai-based reporter told Silverscreen, “We have seen many films with wrong portrayal of media persons. People already think journalists are corrupt and get paid by politicians. These kind of portrayals will make them believe that is true. At one point they portrayed  cops as villains, and as an impact people don’t trust cops. Now it is us. Journalists work hard to get news and provide it to people, which not all are not aware of. So I think that people in the industry should make films responsibly, without hurting feelings of anyone or spreading hatred.”

LKG is a political satire directed by debutant KR Prabhu. The film stars RJ Balaji and Priya Anand in the lead, with Nanjil Sampath, JK Rithesh, Mayilsamy and Manobala in pivotal roles. The film is produced by Ishari K. Ganesh under his production banner Vels Film International. Music is composed by Leon James. The film released on Februaury 21.