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Sebastian P.C. 524: First Glimpse of Tamil-Telugu Bilingual Film Released

Sebastian P.C. 524the upcoming Tamil-Telugu bilingual film starring actors Kiran Abbavaram, Namratha Darekar, Komalee Prasad, and Rohini Raghuvaran, released a teaser (or as the team called it, a first glimpse) on Christmas Day on Friday on social media.


Lead cast members Kiran and Komalee talked to Silverscreen India about how the film brings in new and surprising characters to Tamil and Telugu cinema audiences.

Kiran, who plays a police officer, said, “I think it is the first time that a film in Telugu or Tamil cinema is touching upon this issue of night blindness suffered by a police officer. This is also the first time that I am playing such a role and it is very challenging for me as a new actor.”

This film will mark his debut in the Tamil film industry. He said, “I am looking forward to debut in Tamil as I really love Tamil films. I like the way they shoot the films there, and how they are received by fans. I like the whole cinema culture there.”

Kiran said he was such a huge fan of Tamil films, that he used to travel from Hyderabad to Tamil Nadu just to watch them.

Talking about how he prepared for his role, he said, “I used to look at the scorching sun so that I could train with the vision loss that is characteristic of [my character] the police officer. I read various articles on night blindness and did a lot of research. I observed blind people and how their eyes looked.”

The film is written and directed by Balaji Sayyapureddy.


According to Komalee, the film is not just hero-heroine-centric. She said, “I would call it a dark crime comedy and it is not a regular format. I don’t want to reveal much but my role will come as a surprise in the film.”

Speaking about her character, she said her role was highly “performance-oriented”. She said, “I play a village girl. Coming from an ultra-modern lifestyle, the character was a contrast to what I’m used to.”

Komalee, who was a doctor before she went into acting, said, “The director [Balaji Sayyapureddy] is very passionate and he has already become one of my favourite directors to work with.”

Shooting began on December 2 in Madanapalle in Andhra Pradesh. According to Kiran, about 80% of filming has been completed. Komalee said some of her portions were still left to be shot.


Publicity manager for the film Surendra Kumar Naidu told Silverscreen India, “Roughly around 10 days of shooting is left to be done.”

He said, “We released the glimpse of the film on Christmas since the title character’s birthday falls on that day.”

The film is produced by Pramod and Raju and will be co-produced by Siddareddy B. The film’s music will be composed by Ghibran. This film marks Ghibran’s comeback to Telugu films after the 2019 action thriller film Saaho. Raj K Nalli is the film’s cinematographer, Viplav Nyshadam is the editor and Kiran Mamidi is the art director.

Sebastian P.C. 524 is scheduled to release in theatres in the summer of 2021.