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Shraddha Srinath on Kaliyugam: “I Am ‘Physically Incapable’ of Picking the Same Kind of Scripts”

Shraddha Srinath At The 'Kaliyugam' Movie Launch

Shraddha Srinath, the actor whose last release was Amazon Prime Video’s Tamil drama Maara, began shooting for the upcoming Tamil horror-thriller Kaliyugam in Chennai on Wednesday. Speaking to Silverscreen India about the movie – which is set in the year 2050 –  Srinath said she signed Kaliyugam as it was different from the roles she has done before.


She said that she wanted “to bring as much variety to the table as you can. I hate to be stereotyped and I hate picking (the) same kind of roles. That happens a lot in the industry – when they see you doing something, there will immediately be a flow of offers that will come knocking at your door and they will all be the same. I cannot do that, I am physically incapable of picking the same kind of scripts. The movie was different, the script was different. This was not a hero-heroine film, this is an all characters film. I think that is how cinema should be. We can not compartmentalize characters into boxes.”

Srinath said that she heard the script during the Covid-19 lockdown, and it excited her enough that she “immediately” stepped out of her house to start shooting despite the pandemic. “For me, it is a very different kind of genre. It is so futuristic and well written,” she added.

In a press release issued yesterday, the filmmakers called the movie “futuristic.” During an earlier interview with Silverscreen India, Srinath had said “The film is set in 2050, which should give you an idea of what the character should be like. The society will not be the way we see it now, it will be a lot harder and a lot more complicated and some of the things that we take for granted now will be scarce then. It is a dark kind of a vision of the future and my character is someone who is adapting to that kind of a life,” she said. She watched a few ‘futuristic’ movies while preparing for the role.


Kaliyugam, directed by debutant director Pramod Sundar, is produced by KS Ramakrishna of Prime Cinemas under the RK International banner. Srinath praised the director for having “thought of the script in great detail.”

The press release also confirmed the rest of the crew. Sakthi Venkat Raj will handle art direction.  Ramcharan, a former assistant of cinematographer PC Sreeram is the cinematographer, with editing by Nimal Nazeer.

Shooting for the movie began on Wednesday with a pooja in Chennai. Srinath will be shooting for 20 days at a stretch, and the release date will be finalised once the shoot is completed.