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Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Papon: ‘I Am Being Victimised For No Fault Of Mine,’ Says The Singer

A complaint has been filed against Assamese singer Papon for allegedly inappropriately kissing and touching a minor girl as seen on a Facebook Live video on his official page.  In response to the allegations, the singer issued a statement saying, “My family stands by me in this tough time where I feel I am victimized for no fault of mine.”

He also called himself “extremely affectionate and expressive person” and that it was due to “faulty camera angles and an accidental move and not a sexual assault as being reported.”


The minor girl is a contestant of a reality show and was being mentored by the singer. The girl also released a video testimonial stating the incident was misreported and Papon has been misunderstood as he had no bad intentions.

Soon #iStandByPapon started trending on Twitter with many coming out in support of the singer.

The complaint was filed with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights by Supreme Court advocate Runa Bhuyan. The video which went live on February 20 features Papon dressed as Gabbar Singh celebrating along with the children, contestants of a reality show. Towards the end of the live video, the singer smears colour on the girl’s face, pinches her cheeks, and then proceeds to kiss her. He stops the live video a few seconds later. The video is still available on his official Facebook page.