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WATCH: Vadivelu’s COVID-19 Song ‘Coronavai Velvom’

Tenaliraman Press Meet with Vadivelu and Meenakshi Dixit

Actor-comedian Vadivelu took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to put out a song against the Coronavirus. The actor sings about how humans have destroyed countries and ill-treated nature and its resources to their fullest extent, only to be educated by a virus that has compelled people to stay inside their houses.

He also appeals to the virus to leave the world in peace saying that we’ve learnt our lesson well and will respect our surroundings.

Recently, he had put out a video requesting people to stay at home and informed that he is practicing social distancing to curb the virus. The star was all teared up and was whimpering while at it.

The actor joined Twitter in March after compulsion from his friends and fans. He put out a video informing fans and viewers that he would connect with them through the account and spread love.

He also mentioned about the hashtag #PrayForNesamani that was made to trend all over social media last year and thanked actors Vijay and Suriya, his co-stars in the 2001 dramedy Friends. He also added that he would never forget actor Ajith.

Last May, someone had put out a tweet asking how a hammer is referred to in each one’s native language. Someone replied referring to Contractor Nesamani, the character Vadivelu played in Friends, would be knocked out after Krishnamoorthy, Ramesh Khanna‘s character in the film, drops a hammer on his head. Taking this into consideration, fans in a frenzy asked of the Twitter community to pray for the character’s recovery, thereby trending the hashtag worldwide.

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Watch the song by the actor here.

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