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Iranian Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami Dies At 76

Renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami succumbed to gastrointestinal cancer on July 5, in Paris. He was 76. Kiarostami was diagnosed with the disease in March 2016, after which he had undergone a series of surgeries.


Regarded as one of the masters of modern Iranian cinema, Kiarostami’s 1997 film Taste Of Cherry had won Palm d’Or at the Cannes Festival. Born in Tehran in 1940, he studied painting at the University of Tehran. He started his career as a graphic designer and later, went on to direct many television commercials. His first feature film The Report was released in 1977. He was one of the few Iranian filmmakers who stayed back in the country post the Islamic revolution. As civil wars and tensions within in the country became aggressive, he had to shoot his last two feature films Certified Copy and Like Someone In Love, abroad.

Kiarostami was among the 683 filmmakers and artists who were extended an official invitation to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Science, last week.

Image Courtesy: Indiewire