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Vishal to TFPC: “Don’t Talk About My Personal Life”

The Producer’s Council elections have taken a nasty turn once again. As members of opposing teams take potshots at each other, the situation is beginning to resemble the Nadigar Sangam elections in 2015.

The common factor in both events is actor Vishal.

Earlier this month, everyone from the current TFPC President Kalaipuli S Thanu to director Cheran insulted Vishal.

The animosity appears to stem from Vishal’s behaviour in recent interviews. In his interactions with the media, Vishal has mouthed off about bajjis and bondas at Council meetings; and said a few contentious things about producers. The producers have responded by launching protests against Vishal, and even suspending him.


Earlier this month, Thanu said that most of Vishal’s problems will be over if he gets married. To which, Vishal responded in a press release, “Please don’t comment about my personal life. My professional life is open to comments, but not my personal decisions.”

I have been criticised, insulted many times in my life. This doesn’t mean that I’m insulted by it or hurt by it. I have no emotions towards my critics and my bullies. My only aim is to do good through this position that I’ve been given. Anything else is part of the game. It just doesn’t affect me.”